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Project Invasion II

2008-02-13 06:33:44 by Zen1th

Ok right, I know, this is the first time you see me creating a newspost. I guess I've been busy and didn't want to share the secrets of my next flash project. A little time after Myth and me submitted our little game called Invasion Tactical Defense to Newgrounds we received a lot of positive comments on it. Well yeah, along with them were quite a few negative ones too but heck, you can't please everyone.

I know Invasion was quite a statical game, configure your cannons before the start of the battle, repair or upgrade your factory and increase your personnel. That was about all the game was about, or so stated the biggest complaint. I guess that was kind of a choice since me and Myth hate those defense games where you have to keep on clicking and clicking until your arm dies of as a result of RSI. Yet, there were several defense games already there that were totally awesome. So, to not make another one of those we tried a different approach in Invasion. I guess it worked, at least for a large group of people, but because of the great feedback we got on the game (apart from the comments on our blasphemous spelling errors) we also realized that some things had to change.

Now there's this new game that I've been working on for quite a long time. Myth came with a concept of a shooting game some time ago and after I started working on the thing we came to the conclusion that we could make a lot more out of it than a simple shooting game. So instead of making it just a shooter game, it also has elements of tactical defense and character development.

It's not finished yet, but it's getting close. I just hope I have the time left to finish it soon because a busy Graduation period is coming up for me. Either way, I'll put in a preview picture (too bad I can't add more than one, but you'll have to do with this one ;)). I hope you guys like it.

Project Invasion II


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2008-02-13 07:47:18

wel dat ziet er best wel goed uit xD

Zen1th responds:

Dank ;)


2008-02-13 09:23:25

This is THE flash game to wait for!


2008-02-13 13:15:04

You have very good arting skills.

Zen1th responds:

Thank you. But I'm still learning and hopefully improving ;)


2008-02-13 20:04:16

nice graphics i did like the other one i wonder if this on will b the same =D

(Updated ) Zen1th responds:

Well I can already say it won't be the same. It will differ quite a lot. This new game is a lot bigger and has a totally different approach. It does have to do with an invasion but this time not an invasion from outer space. As you can see in the screenshot the game looks totally different too. No static cannons this time, but soldiers.

If you want to read more about it and see more sceenshots visit my site and read the last newspost: http://www.clashflash.com


2008-02-14 12:11:38

Ziet er inderdaad erg tof uit :)
Daar morgen wij Dutch members fier op zijn ^^

Zen1th responds:

thnx :)


2008-02-14 12:44:05

Dat ziet er best vet uit.
Ik hou wel van strategiespellen.

Zen1th responds:

Well there are some big strategic elements in this one. Thanks!


2008-02-14 17:07:46

this looks really cool! i'd 5 it.

Zen1th responds:

thnx ;) it will be!


2008-02-17 19:46:49

when is it coming out i want to play it pretty bad

(Updated ) Zen1th responds:

Well what I can say now that the game is practically done. I've had to spend a lot of time fixing bugs and balancing the game, but it seems quite alright now. Of course I'll add another good testing iteration to it to make sure that the balancing really is perfect and to be certain that all the bugs have been removed and no new bugs start showing up.

It's quite a complex game to balance because of the large amount of factors that influence gameplay.

Either way, we're currently working on the intro movie and campaign cutscenes. After that's done I'll start working on an interactive tutorial because the help function is pretty major and people generally don't like to read, they just want to play. Finally we need to work on the sounds. We'll probably need some native English speaking voice actors for the dialogs mainly in the intro.

Soo... if all goes well it won't take that long until it's finished. That point will probably be a few weeks from now.


2009-03-08 19:00:47

Can't wait!


2009-10-26 17:22:58

who did the art?


2011-07-04 00:35:16

I don't suppose this is still being worked on?